Heat Sophomores Win Tourney

Heat Sophomores Win Tourney!

Shout out to the Heat Sophomore girls for winning the Mothers Day Tourney held in Romeoville! The ladies ended the day 3-0 to claim the title.

Team members are:

Madison Harter

Kylie Thomas

Juliana Mace

Amanda Camling

Madison Smith

Mary Clare Brown

Erica Palmeri

Briyanna Jackson

Alyssa Morgan

Coach Bobby Marshall

Great job ladies! Keep up the hard work!

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Heat 8th Grade Team Britnell Wins Championship!

Heat 8th Grade Team Britnell Wins Championship!

Shout out to our 8th Grade Team Britnell boys for winning the NIU SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP! The guys ended the day 3-0 in Dekalb.

Team Members are:

Beck Krenzelok

Anthony Beggs

Riley Lundgren

Daireus Sago

Keivon Lewis

Varun Gnanasekar

Griffin Britnell

Great job guys! Keep up the hard work!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s Day To All the Rockford Heat moms! Thank for all you do to help your child and the program! Your dedication never goes unnoticed! Special shout out to Wendy, Cierra, and Danielle for everything you do and thanks for being Mother’s yo so many!!!

Heat 8th Grade Team Calvert Wins Tourney!

Heat 8th Grade Team Calvert Wins Tourney!

Shout out to our 8th Grade Boys Team Calvert for winning the Mother’s Day Tourney in Willow Springs and ending the day 3-0!

Team Members at:

Brady calvert

Tori Lawson

Stuart Hale

Vyaas subramanian

Malik bates

Zach emrich-Muise

Austin durnil

Kalon Webb

Zeke Ganiko

Javarrie Reynolds

Great job guys! Keep up the hard work!

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Heat Freshman Take 2nd Place!

Heat Freshman Take 2nd Place!

Shout out to Freshman boys for going 2-1 in the Mother’s Day Shootout today in Aurora! The team members are:

Riley Washburn

Drew Stadelman

Elijah Williams

Zack Brown

Jake Effler

Hayden Zaluckyj

Cole Tolbert

Damien Lindquist

Jason Stroberg

Coach John O’Bryan

Great job Guys!!! Keep up the hard work!