Girls 3-8 Grade and High School Boys Tryouts POSTED!!!!

Girls 3-8 Grade and High School Boys Tryouts POSTED!!!!

Sping/Summer Under Armour

Girls 3rd-8th Grade and

High School Boys AAU Tryouts Announced!

(Tryout Grades are based off the grade you are currently in)

We have officially become a girls Under Armour(UA) affiliated program, that will participate in the Jr. High

UA Future Circuit. With that being said, there are some advantages to being in a program that is affiliated with one of the 3 Shoe Circuits in the Country and that is to prepare our athletes for high school where there will exposure to college coaches. There are a total of 3 circuits that exist. For high school girls, we have proven to be the BEST in the area for college recruitment and proud of the amount of athletes that are considered to be top players in the region for their respective high schools.

I look forward to your student athlete preparing to possibly follow in those footsteps.

March 2019 – July 2019


Rockford Lutheran High,

3411 N. Alpine Rd, Rockford IL


March 3rd 1pm-2pm 5th-6th Grade Girls

March 3rd 2:30pm-4pm 7th-8th Grade Girls

March 3rd 6pm-8pm 9th-11th Grade Boys

For Girls Grades 3rd-4th, please email your interest

Please arrive 30 min early for check in.

Bring completed registration form to try-outs(found on website)

For More Info Contact: John Penney @ 815-871-4112

John.penney or

Rockford Heat Basketball is not affiliated with any school public or private.

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