Heat Elite Senior Named USJN All Star!

Heat Elite Senior Named USJN All Star!

Shout out to Heat Elite Player Hannah Malcomson(Class of 2019, Hononegah High) for being selected USJN Pool All Star this past weekend at the Elite Oktoberfest tourney held in Waukegan/Pleasant Prairie. Hannah is a 5’7” PG/Shooting Guard with a knack for the 3 Ball! Hannah’s scoring has been in double digits all summer and it was no different finishing this tourney. While her scoring is impressive, Hannah is a lights out defender with Div 1 speed. Hannah is still uncommitted! If your a college coach looking for a lightning fast defender and high percentage 3 point shooter, get in contact ASAP!

See the full list here: http://www.usjn.com/xtm_post_event_allstar_new.php?which=514

Great job Hannah and keep up the hard work! Good luck this season for Hononegah High!

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