Heat Freshman Named USJN All Star!

Heat Freshman Named USJN All Star!

Shout out to Heat Freshman Brooklyn Gray(Auburn High) for being selected USJN Pool All Star this past weekend at the Elite Battle of the Programs tourney held in Waukegan/Pleasant Prairie. Brooklyn is a 5’8” Point Guard that has the uncanny ability to light the team up with phenomenal passing or unmatched moves to get to the rim! Brooklyn already had high level court vision that has garnered her a D1 offer and will only get better. This kid is always in the gym! This player will be on the radar of a lot of D1 coaches!

See the full list here: http://www.usjn.com/xtm_post_event_allstar_new.php?which=514

Great job Brooklyn and keep up the hard work! Good luck this season for Auburn High!

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